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Sound bank - Electronic pianos.



The most  of computers have a piano in their sound card. If you like it, there is nothing to buy more.


Every computer with Windows contains the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth with a good piano sound. Of course, it is free. To appriciate that piano, you can load a *.mp3 file clicking on : Load the demo de Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth . Is a song from Debussy, la Belle au Bois Dormant, that we captured with PasParPas and played with Piano4Songs using that piano.


That Microsoft piano does not need any installation and can be used immediatly. It is enough to choose it in the Synth menu of Piano4Songs.


An other piano installed in the computer (+/- 149,00 € or a little less in a shop for electronic music instruments), is the piano The Grand 3 from Steinberg (www.steinberg.net). It is realy beautiful, espacially the Steinway Model D Player. That virtual piano is sold on 4 DVD and not a CD-Rom, which means that it is of a great capacity. The microprocessor in the computer has to be powerful. With a Dual Core, it is OK. Celeron ou Sempron are not enough. The computer must have DirectX. It is advised to have a sound card with ASIO DirectSound.


To be played with Piano4Songs, the Standalone version of The Grand 3 can be used alone. You need to buy a USB memory stick (+/- 20,00 €) at Steinberg for the license. With the Standalone version, an external Midi-USB interface is also necessary (25,00 €) with one Midi In and one Midi Out female connectors because that Midi In and Midi Out have to be linked with a Midi cable. In Piano4Songs, select with the Synthe menu this interface as output. In The Grand 3, select this interface too as input. In that way, you replace an external piano linked to your computer by Piano4Songs which says to The Grand 3 which notes to play.  With one Midi-USB interface, you can only listen to the piano. If you want to add a clarinet of a oboe, Cubase Essential from Steinberg is necessary. But we find it is not very easy to be used and it is so easy with external interfaces. If you want to have the oboe in the same time as  The Grand 3 without Cubase, you need two computer each with its Midi-USB interface. You certainly have an old computer. Its is ideal for Piano4Songs which controls the oboe in that old computer dans which controls The Grand 3 in the other very fast computer. Those two computer will not react at the same speed, that is the latency, but Piano4Songs can correct that very easily. But if you don't use The Grand 3, no Midi-USB interface and no Cubase are necessary. With the Microsoft piano, Piano4Songs can play directly in the sound card of the computer. If you are delighted with that sound, there is nothing else to buy.


You can listen to this Steinberg, The Grand 3, Steinway Model D Player downloading the mp3 file SchumannWanderlust.mp3 which is the accompaniment of a lieder from Schumann. The melody is not there because it hides somewhat the accompaniment. The notes were captured with PasParPas. It is useful to have speakers which can good reproduce deep sounds.

DebussyCestLExtase.mp3 is another song from Debussy made with PasParPas. You will not hear the melody, so that all your mind is focused on the piano from Steinberg. The quality of the sound depend much on the speakers used. With the mp3 recording, is the piano sound not so good as the original. In reality, The Grand 3 is much better.

" is also intended for instrumentalists. Numerous sonatas are available such as the sonata opus 108 N° 3 for violin and piano from Brahms. You can listen the third part in BrahmsSonateViolPia108_3_3.mp3 The violin part is played on the same piano as the accompaniment. Piano4Songs is written to avoid as possible collisions between the notes of the melody and the notes of the accompaniment. But normally, it must be a violin which plays the soloist part. Once again, the sound of the mp3 record is more confused than the sound from the sound card playing The Grand 3, where the details are much better distinguished.


With an USB-MIDI interface, you can connect your computer at an outside electronic piano, which looks like a piece o furniture. Its advantage is that the speakers a  specially made for piano sounds.