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 Pianos with strings



If you prefere a real piano with strings, you can find modern roll pianos. You will see the keys moving by its own and those pianos can be played with a computer with for instance Piano4Songs.


The main factories are QRS (www.qrsmusic.com), PianoDisc. (www.pianodisc.com), et Yamaha with its Disklavier.


If you don't sing nor play an instrument, you can enjoy our beautiful musics with the piano part on the piano and the melody on the oboe of the synthesizer of your computer. Yamaha, QRS and PianoDisc have a large number of musics played by great artists in different kind of musics. Some of those are played by Gerschwin ou Rachmaninov. It is very moving.


If you only play piano, you can play 4 hands and record the two parts with our program PasParPas. The left part will be accompaniment notes and the right part melody notes. When you let play Piano4Songs only the melody or the accompaniment, you can easily replace the missing person.


You must be prudent when you want to buy a piano because an electronic piano has a different sound than a piano with strings and an upright has a different sound than a grand.


With the program Piano4Songs you can improve how the piano is playing. So, with an upright piano, the fast trills are not suitable played (the keys are moving but you hear nothing). If the hammers are closer to the strings, the distance for the hammers is shorter and the trill is perfect. Piano4Songs detects automatically the trills and let the soft pedal go down. It is very efficient but can only be used with upright pianos which the hammers come nearer the strings and not with the pianos where the keyboard moves on the side to play on two strings instead of three.


You can find a lot of Midi files for the Disklavier on WEBsites such as Yamaha PianoSoft or www.kuhmann.com/Yamaha.htm (a Disklavier can read *.Fil files) or www.piano-e-competition.com (click on Competition history and on Midi files).    www.kunstderfuge.com has also a large number of midi files, more particulary midi files made with piano rolls played by great pianists from the previous century such as Horowitz or Rubinstein.