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Decap home organ




This organ has 110 pipes made of tin and lead. There are 2 stops. Both stops are Bourdon. The reason why we have closed pipes is because, for the same note, the pipe is twice shorter than an open pipe. The longest pipe is 1,50 meter long its reaches 2,60 meter from the ground Thus, we can easily place that organ in a house while the sound is warm and deep.


That organ has a stop of 5 octaves and another one of 4 octaves. The pipes of this stop have a smaler diameter and play a little louder. Summarily, the stop with 4 octaves will play the melody and the stop with 5 octaves plays the accompaniment.


Dimensions of the Decap home organ :

           Height : 2,60 m

           Width : 1,50 m

           Depth : 75 cm


Electric power : 170 W till 240 W.. Most frequently 180 W


To reach the organ factory, please click on www.decap.be


Piano4Songs contains menus especially made for the Decap home organ. So, the computer can be connected to the organ in on click. If you have a file where notes are following too closely, there is an instruction to separate them. The two notes can then be very good distinguished. If you have a Midi File played by a pianist, some notes will be too short. With Piano4Songs, it is possible to stretch those notes and you can listen to much more songs.

Piano4Songs has many musical compositions for organ, specially from Johann-Sebastian Bach. The computer is then playing. But you can also play with one or two Midi master-keyboards linked to the organ with a Midi cable.If you have two keyboards, there are two Midi Out outputs for one Midi In input in the organ . Thus, we have to merge the Midi messages coming from the two keyboards. We can do that with a little box made by Midi Solutions :  the Midi Merger. It has two Midi inputs for one output.

With the link Songs on the left of this screen, you can find *.m@m files for organ near those for the piano. Those files are free. But it is very pleasant to play on the organ pieces written for the piano or for violin and piano.

We have here some titles as *.mp4 audio et vidéo files :

                                            Organ : video and audio