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There are two manners to use Piano4Songs : you play a solo instrument and Piano4Songs makes the accompaniment, or you simply listen to the music in the same way as with a CD or a mp3.


Playing the flute on your own (a cappella) is amusing for about five minutes. After a while it becomes rather tedious. Piano4Songs program provides a piano accompaniment on your PC giving you many hours of pleasure. A beautiful piano accompaniment is of interest to all those who play an instrument which only produces one note at a time but it is also of interest to singers.


Instrumentalists often use both hands. Piano4Songs can be controled by a pedal or the right button of the mouse uses as a pedal (Singers will simply push the space bar). When you play a song or a sonata and you make a mistake, depress the pedal to stop. The program will automatically put itself at the start of the musical phrase that you were playing. You will thus be in the right place to start playing again. This is so easy and stress free. The start of phrases are put in PasParPas.


The musician can insert ritardandos and accelerandos anywhere in the song. He will be able to give a really personal interpretation of the song. But if the song you received from our seems you very good, you have nothing else to do, only directly play it.


He can also insert synchronisation points. Let's assume that he starts a rather long passage where he plays many notes on the violin but where the piano plays nothing. At the end of this passage, the accompaniment restarts with a chord but there is little chance that this will be heard exactly at the moment when the violin arrived at this point.

To enable the musician to synchronise, Piano4Songs jumps automatically to the end of the long passage when it arrives there and puts it on hold. The musician plays at ease in the long passage and when he arrives at the chord, he depresses the pedal or the right button of the mouse layed down on the floor. The accompaniment will then restart playing at the required moment. This technique can also be used for the pause.


To make the songs, you have to buy a score on paper and capture the notes with the program PasParPas. You can also download lieders and sonatas captured by our Manufacture. Click here to get those songs free of charge

or to ask us to make the capture for you.


Retail price of Piano4Songs :

Piano4Songs and PasParPas are two close programs. That is the reason why they are sold together at the global price EUR 97,00. (bank account IBAN    BE07 0689 3075 7766    -    BIC GKCC BEBB ) They can play on only one computer but with this computer you can load one license in a USB memory stick which is valid on any computer. Only one stick can be loaded. Any stick you already own is suitable. 

When Piano4Songs plays the first time, the Clipboard of your computer receives a key you have to send to piano4songs@proximus.be.  Then, we will send you another key allowing you to play all our songs without interruptions. In that e-mail, write careful the number of the bank account you used for the payment..

You can however use Piano4Songs without license. It runs then as a demonstration program. You can play all our songs free of charge, but with the demonstration version, the songs are frequently interrupted. However, there are songs you can play entirely without the license. They are in your computer in the same directory as Piano4SongsDownload.7z.




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