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Downloading of the songs


You can download the songs (lieders, sonatas and others) captured by our Manufacture for you. That downloading is entirely free of charge.


The extensions of those files are *.Mom et *.M@m. For a first contact, don't care about the *.Mom file. You only use it if you desire to modify the velocities with our program PasParPas, which is generaly not necessary because the velocities are very close to the score. If you need, make first a copy of that *.Mom  file with an other name, and modify only that new file. Piano4Songs uses the MIDI. That means that everything can be modified : the pitch of the notes, their intensity, their duration. You can for instance accentuate some notes, or highlight the left hand of the piano. With PasParPas, that is very easy.


Piano4Songs recognises automatically the *.M@m files. You only have to run the program and open the directory where that file is contained.


When clicking on Beethoven, you receive the *.M@m files written by Beethoven. The list of those songs are in a *.txt file you can find clicking on CatalogueBeethoven_20_05_2005.

20_05_2005 means that the last song in that album was made on 20 May 2005. If that date is more recent than the file you downloaded at last, it means that there are new songs.

Open that *.txt file with a word processing program and use the menu Searchto find the composers ans the titles of the songs, or use a database with tabulations


To download the songs, click on a collection lower in this page,  on the left. Each collection contains several songs. To develop that *.7z in songs, double-click on it in the Windows Explorer.



Attention ! When  you open a song with Piano4Songs, you only hear the accompaniment. If you want to listen to the melody and its accompaniment together, click on the button Mode and choose Duo.




Alain                                                CatalogueAlain_09_12_18

Bach JS                                           CatalogueBachJSviolonclavecin_28_06_07

Bach JS orgue                                  CatalogueBachJSorgue_12_01_19

Baroque                                           CatalogueBaroqueRecorder_07_02_19

BeethovenInstrumental                      CatalogueBeethovenInstrumental_04_08_08

Berlioz                                              CatalogueBerlioz_29_01_13

Botrel                                               CatalogueBotrel_04_12_2012

BrahmsInstrumental                           CatalogueBrahmsInstrumental_21_05_13

CentX                                               CatalogueCentX_28_11_18

CFranck                                           CatalogueCFranck_06_02_18

Debussy                                           CatalogueDebussy_29_01_13

DebussyInstrumental                         CatalogueDebussyInstrumental_13_01_17

DvorakInstrumental                           CatalogueDvorakInstrumental_08_02_19

Faure                                                CatalogueFaure_17_07_05

FaureInstrumental                              CatalogueFaureInstrumental_20_05_05

Gershwin                                           CatalogueGershwin_12_09_18

Gershwin                                           CatalogueGershwinPorgyBess_03_05_18

Grieg                                                 CatalogueGrieg_01_10_13

GriegInstrumental                               CatalogueGriegInstrumental_07_01_19

Hahn                                                 CatalogueHahn_04_01_15

Haydn                                               CatalogueHaydn_09_02_19

Joplin (ragtime)                                  CatalogueJoplin_04_02_19

Krebs                                                CatalogueKrebs_22_05_2005

Mahler                                               CatalogueFahrendenGesellen_16_10_12

Mahler                                               CatalogueKinderTotenLieder_08_02_19

Mahler                                               CatalogueKnabenWunderhorn_25_12_18

Mahler                                               CatalogueRuckertLieder_07_10_2012

Marcello                                            CatalogueMarcello_22_05_05

Mendelssohn                                     CatalogueMendelssohn_08_03_15

Miscellaneous                                    CatalogueMiscellaneous_19_03_07

Mozart                                              CatalogueMozart_02_10_15

MozartInstrumental                            CatalogueMozartInstrumental_24_02_12

Pierne                                                CataloguePierne_16_05_2005

Ragtime                                              CatalogueRagtime_09_02_19

Ravel                                                  CatalogueRavel_17_09_2015

Rossini                                                CatalogueRossini_04_02_19

SaintSaens                                          CatalogueSaintSaens_17_07_2005

SaintSaensInstrumental                        CatalogueSaintSaensInstrumental_29_03_17

Sammartini                                          CatalogueSammartini_24_05_2005

Satie                                                   CatalogueSatie_17_12_12

Schubert                                             CatalogueSchubert_a_12_02_13

Schubert                                             CatalogueSchubert_b_17_01_15.txt

SchubertInstrumental                           CatalogueSchubertInstrumental_29_04_11

SchubertMullerin                                 CatalogueSchubertMullerin_11_06_2012

SchubertSchwanengesang                   CatalogueSchubertSchwanengesang_01_06_18

SchubertWinterreise                             CatalogueSchubertWinterreise_02_06_2012

Schumann                                            CatalogueSchumann_07_02_19

SchumannInstrumental                          CatalogueSchumannInstrumental_23_02_17

Toseli                                                   CatalogueToseli_08_02_19

Vivaldi                                                 CatalogueVivaldi_17_07_2005

Weber                                                 CatalogueWeber_03_04_13